Plan to Protect & Expand Vote By Mail

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After record turnout in 2020, Republicans have launched the largest attack on voting rights in a generation. Vote From Home is focused on protecting access to vote by mail and the ballot box in Georgia, Arizona, and Iowa.


Tracking 19 different bills, SB 241 in particular, that would limit vote by mail and disenfranchise voters across the state.

  • 26% of all votes in the 2020 general election were cast early by mail, up from just 5% in the last presidential election in 2016.
  • No-excuse absentee voting was originally passed by Republicans in 2005, and has been used successfully ever since.


Tracking 14 bills introduced in the Arizona state legislature to roll back and limit early voting and vote by mail, even though Arizonans have been using it safely for decades.

  • No excuse vote by mail was implemented as early as 1991 in Arizona.
  • Since 2007, voters can sign up for their Permanent Early Voting List so they automatically receive a mail-in ballot every election, without needing an excuse or to reapply.
  • 88% of all ballots cast in 2020 were cast early by mail or from home.


One bill restricting early voting in Iowa has been signed into law but there have been at least 5 bills introduced that could expand voting from home and counteract its effect.
  • Iowa has allowed no-excuse absentee voting since 1990, and in fact has one of the oldest vote by mail laws on the books dating back to 1915.
  • In 2020, voters automatically received absentee ballot applications in the mail from the Secretary of State before Republicans sued to stop it.
  • Over 1,000,000 of the 1.7 million votes cast (or 59% overall) were cast by mail in the 2020 general election.

Our 2020 Work

At the start of the pandemic, we wanted to make sure Americans didn't have to choose between their health and voting.

Vote From Home 2020 identified over 600,000 "dual risk voters" -- people who were most likely to contract COVID-19 and the least likely to vote by mail based on their voting history.

We empowered volunteers to text and call dual risk voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina to help them vote from home and defeat Donald Trump.

With support from activists across the country, Vote From Home 2020 sent over 19 million text messages and made over 450,000. As part of our "life-cycle" model of organizing, our team made sure voters were fully prepared to complete an application to vote by mail and return their ballot on time.

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, Vote From Home 2020's outreach had a significant impact on voters’ voting habits: VFH targeted voters increased their rate of voting by mail by 7.4 and 19.2 points respectively compared to the overall general electorate increase. These increases are strongly correlated with the number of text and phone call attempts made by Vote From Home 2020 in each state.

To test our efficacy, we worked with University of California Berkeley researcher to run a controlled experiment testing voters’ attitudes towards vote by mail and our programming – establishing that after 1 month of outreach from Vote From Home volunteers that voters were 6 points more likely to say voting by mail is safe, easy, and convenient.

Georgia Senate Runoff

After the General Election, Vote From Home ran a successful program for the Georgia U.S. Senate runoff elections.

Working with the New Georgia Project, Vote From Home put together a door-to-door turnout program of local canvassers to get out the vote for Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock, focusing on critical Black voters in the city of Savannah.

In just 7 weeks, this Vote From Home team knocked on over 45,000 doors, while our national organizing program sent over 6 million text messages and made over 15,000 calls, helping turn out a record number of Democratic voters necessary to capture both U.S. Senate seats.

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